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Abilities @ Glovo

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a powerful tool for promoting inclusion and diversity within Glovo. The ERG “Abilities @ Glovo” provides a space for employees with disabilities - and allies - to connect, advocate for change, create awareness and serve as a valuable partner for feedback on how to better support and accommodate the community. Learn how they are positively impacting on creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace. 

Your first days at Glovo

At Glovo, the main goal of our onboarding is to make you feel more connected to the company and its values as well as our ways of working. In our best efforts to avoid confusion, frustration, and a lack of engagement, we revamped our Onboarding experience, elevating the bar to meet the expectations of our new colleagues.

Culture Day at Glovo: Living up to our values

On Culture Day, we all come together as a company to foster our culture, to celebrate our successes and our people, and to uplift our team spirit. For one afternoon, everyone at Glovo tunes into a series of talks and discussions where we learn more about the business and industry as well as our vision, strategy, people, and culture.

Office Tours: Yellow Park

We’re discovering our newly opened HQ! Dubbed Yellow Park, this new office space in the heart of Poblenou, Barcelona’s Tech hub, was built in cooperation with employees from day 1. At Glovo, our company culture is what sets us apart and this all-new campus will help us continue to strengthen our values.

Hybrid Collaboration at Glovo

Over the past few years, the way we work has drastically changed and we got used to engaging in hybrid settings, while balancing working from home vs. the office. In the meantime, Glovo has grown to a company of ~ 4000 employees in 25 countries. Both the new ways of working and our rapid global growth asks us to embrace a blended workplace to stay connected to reality.

5 skills Glovo will help you develop

When you need to think on your feet and take action quickly, the way you think and act can have an impact on your career development. We believe that our people are our greatest asset and at Glovo, they are challenged to learn and generate impact, and, as part of our non-vanilla culture, thrive in roles that demand passion and a strong commitment.