Life at Glovo

We deliver good vibes to our people

Our platform connects people with possibilities. Our mission is to give everyone easy access to anything in their city. 

Our global team works together by leveraging the latest technology to connect to possibilities. We believe in paving the way together. Do you?

Perks & benefits

From helping you experience each day to the fullest, sharing memorable moments along the way, to investing in your future… We’ve got you covered!

*The perks and benefits can change depending on the location

The Talent House

At Glovo we are building a talent house of high performing teams and future leaders. We believe that talent is our biggest asset, and being surrounded by top talent will help us raise the bar and create high performing teams, shaping the leaders of tomorrow. 

Office Life

We have an office-first culture where collaboration and relationships are placed at the center. We believe our culture comes alive and thrives when we get together and collaborate!

Empowering communities in the digital world

Find out how Glovo is committed to making a positive impact on society, by shaping a social-responsible and eco-friendly growth model!

We are a diverse, creative group of people who collaborate in an inclusive environment

We want to make a meaningful impact through technology and engineering

By using our experience and maximizing the use of technology and automation to solve complex problems, we aim to provide anyone easy access to anything in their city.

Our vision is to be a world-class engineering organization

As of now, our tech team consists of around 500 top talented engineers, with the plan of continuing scaling it in the next upcoming years. We believe that diversity adds incredible value to our teams, products and culture and we support and empower women in tech, making it one of the priorities when accessing talents.

We want to build the fastest and most easy-to-use app

Leveraging on our main technology stack which is Java/Spring running on top of MySQL.

All of our technologies are deployed on AWS and we are also heavy users of the following AWS services:

Complex problems, exceptional people.
This is Engineering at Glovo.

We’re the magic behind our app.

Caring together, doing our part

For us, apart from doing good, volunteering is also about expanding our horizons, learning new perspectives and bringing these experiences back to Glovo.

Ask Glovo

Our vision is to give everyone easy access to anything in their city. We also want to give you all the answers about Glovo.

You will receive all the information and credentials the Friday before you start.

That’s an amazing question! You can check out all our values information here.

Great question! It’s impossible for us to give a one-size-fits-all answer since our teams and departments are so different, but we can guarantee it will be dynamic and full of fun and challenges. Please visit our Our Teams section for more information on each team.

Depending on the local country policies, we do offer health insurance to all our employees.

Yes we do! Please check out our Perks and Benefits page to learn more.

Benefits are dependent upon local country policies, but please visit our Perks and Benefits page for more detailed information. 

Yes! For now, we have remote onboarding, but soon we’ll be back doing it at the office. Safety first.

We love your attitude! Check out our Life at Glovo section here or our Life at Glovo social media handles on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Great question! Check out our Life at Glovo page to learn more.