Women in tech

Make an impact and empower the next generation of women

So that more of them end up pursuing a career in tech

To achieve this, we will focus on generating interest for girls to pursue a career in tech by showing them the benefits of working in a modern tech environment: the flexibility, the creativity and most importantly the ability to significantly impact the world around them.

How do we plan to achieve this goal?

Key results for 2022

500 scholarships for teenagers from 14-18 will be covered by Glovo so they can have a first approach to digital skills.
230 women who do not have a technical background but want to pursue a career in tech will be trained in data, engineering and product skills through bootcamps.
300 girls and and women who don't choose tech careers because they don't feel capable of succeeding in them will have role models, we are giving our women working in tech a seat on the table in events, communication campaigns, and conferences.
20 best participants of the professional Bootcamps can join Glovo in our internship programs and start developing their careers in tech.
300 teenagers between 14 and 18 will visit our Glovo offices with their schools so they can see firsthand how to work in a tech company, be inspired by female role models, and break stereotypes about how an engineer should look like.

WISE stands for: Women in STEAM education

Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics

Ask Glovo

Our vision is to give everyone easy access to anything in their city. We also want to give you all the answers about Glovo.

We call them technical interviews because these are interviews with the hiring team that will focus on more concrete and deep aspects of the role.You don’t need to prepare anything in advance! Just expect some situational questions related to your experience and the role in question.


We have a ton of questions for you, but you probably have just as many for us! Write them down and don’t hesitate to ask any interviewer you meet.

If the interview will be held online, we will be using either Google Meet or Zoom, so double-check that any of these programs are working properly on your computer so you don’t run into technical issues for the interview.

Make sure to prepare for questions related to your present and where you’d like to see yourself in the future. Anything from analytical to behavioral questions can take place. Think of challenges you’ve faced and focus on past learnings, we’re very keen on getting to know you better. Be confident when replying, there are no right or wrong answers!

Make a list of your skills, abilities and knowledge, and how they match with your dream job at Glovo. You can even look for your future manager and peers online to understand their background and how that could give you hints on the kind of profile we’re looking for.

Any interviewer will appreciate a candidate who knows the company they’re applying for. Doing some prior research will not only show your level of interest and motivation, but also awake your curiosity about the role and the projects it will be impacting. Take a look at our LinkedIn page to stay up to date on what we’re up to or check us out on Instagram.