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Hybrid Collaboration at Glovo

Over the past few years, the way we work has drastically changed and we got used to engaging in hybrid settings, while balancing working from home vs. the office. In the meantime, Glovo has grown to a company of ~ 4000 employees in 25 countries. Both the new ways of working and our rapid global growth asks us to embrace a blended workplace to stay connected to reality.

5 skills Glovo will help you develop

When you need to think on your feet and take action quickly, the way you think and act can have an impact on your career development. We believe that our people are our greatest asset and at Glovo, they are challenged to learn and generate impact, and, as part of our non-vanilla culture, thrive in roles that demand passion and a strong commitment. 

A Learning Journey

I started my journey at Glovo in January 2019. I was an event photographer looking for a new challenge that could really make me vibrate. Today, within the same company, the same fantastic team, I found this amazing project that makes me want to get up and learn more every day.

Office Tours: Glovo Milan

Ciao a tutti, direttamente da Milano! Today we are traveling to Italy, to check out the brand new office in Milan. In one of the most emerging neighborhoods of the city, Gae Aulenti, among the homes of some well-known personalities (football players, actors, influencers), you are now able to find a brand new Glovo office.

Well-Feeling at Glovo

At Glovo, our aim is to provide our employees with the jobs of their lives. It is therefore of importance to us that our employees are feeling well; mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. On may 18th we celebrate Well-Feeling Day; we take a moment to reflect on all that we have been doing to work on our well-being, the importance of doing so, and the areas in which we can improve as individuals and as a company.

Office Tours: Glovo Nigeria

In our very first edition of Office Tours, we are introducing you to our office in Nigeria. Operating from one of the most populous and vibrant cities in Africa, Lagos, Glovo Nigeria works every day to make the magic happen. Tola Spence, our Office Manager in Lagos, takes us with her into a typical day in Nigeria.

How Glovo is Empowering Sustainable Initiatives

Growth and scale, two widely acknowledged early business priorities at Glovo, soon became aligned with social impact: the bigger the business, the bigger the contributions it could make, the more resources it could dedicate to tackling social and environmental challenges.

Culture Day at Glovo: a glimpse into our local offices

At Glovo, we are located all over the world. The single most important thing that connects and binds all of us together is our unique Glovo culture. Globally, you can walk into any of our offices and you will find yourself being surrounded by our values and breathing our Glovo DNA. How do we make this happen?