Ambassador Summit 2022: a first moment to unite with our ambassadors worldwide – off Zoom!

Maria Busmayer April 29, 2022 · 5 min

The Ambassadors Program was an initiative created in 2021 which envisioned building a strong network across all Glovo offices to drive our values and company DNA: Culture, Social Impact and Volunteering. Last month, all ambassadors finally came together to meet in real life in our HQ office in Barcelona.

The aim of the Glovo Ambassadors network is to create a strong and sustainable network of employees around all our countries who are willing to jump on an additional role. In this role, our ambassadors contribute to the global company objectives of providing our employees with the job of their life by driving a positive impact at Glovo, scaling, adapting, and developing key initiatives locally, and most importantly, to actively promote and represent Glovo’s values & DNA worldwide. We currently have 34 ambassadors divided over 17 countries.


About our Ambassadors

What we look for in our ambassadors? An ambassador is someone eager to learn, grow and develop new skills while contributing to the success of Glovo. They embody our Glovo culture and are shining examples of values brought to life. Ambassadors are implicit leaders that people tend to follow, not because of their title or role, but because of how they act and are passionate about creating a great place to work while having a positive impact on society.

In our Ambassador Program, we have three pillars:

  • Social Impact
    Our Social Impact Ambassadors help achieve our Social Impact Goals at the local level by executing and promoting the Global Social Impact initiatives in each country, such as Glovo Access projects, sustainable packaging promotion, trampoline for couriers projects and fostering a culture of impact in their countries.
  • Volunteering
    Volunteering Ambassadors promote the volunteering program internally by organizing local initiatives or activities to support local charities. They foster engagement within the community, handle NGOs partner relationships and organize local activities.
  • Culture
    Culture ambassadors promote and foster our Inclusive Culture, Values and DIB initiatives, by activating campaigns and other initiatives on a local level. They help create engagement in their offices for Global events, like the Culture Days and our weekly stand-up, making sure everyone has great experiences and have a good time!

Glovo Ambassadors Summit

Ambassadors Summit 2022

In the week of April 27th 2022 we organized our first annual summit where all our ambassadors worldwide flew into our HQ office in Barcelona, to meet each other in person, to exchange knowledge and to learn from each other’s perspectives and cultures. With the growth that we are going through as a company, it is more important than ever to keep reinforcing our Glovo culture in every single office that we have. Bringing together our ambassadors allows us to facilitate a space to share local insights as well as learning from one another on how we can continue to localize our global initiatives in the best ways possible.

The Global Culture, Volunteering and Social Impact teams created different sessions and workshops around relevant themes for the program and several open discussions were facilitated for the Ambassadors to share their personal learnings and challenges. In this way, two-way learning was encouraged between all offices and countries, which helps our global team in scaling and rolling out initiatives while making sure the needs and wishes of our employees worldwide are being met.

Not less important, besides learning and knowledge sharing it was a great moment to connect and have FUN! With our employees from all over the world, with different backgrounds and cultures, there was a lot to celebrate! We enjoyed an international dinner and listened and danced to traditional music from our countries! Having everyone together gave us the chance to participate in an impactful beach cleaning day. Together with the CRAM foundation, the Ambassadors collected waste at the Barcelona seaside and spotted some marine animals that were rescued and now are being treated by the NGO.


Glovo Ambassadors Summit

What the Ambassadors have to say

“The best takeaway from this program is that you should never take culture for granted because that is the foundation of high performance and it is basically the rules of a game. If you are aligned with them, you excel in the game and you really enjoy it.”
Sophia Mykhalyk – Culture Ambassador in Ukraine 

“This program represents two of our values that are really important; Glownership and Care. I love to help people and making an impact in the community is something that really counts for me and for Glovo as a company.”
Michel-Ange Koffi-Koumi – Social Impact Ambassador in Ivory Coast

“It is a big pleasure to be an Ambassador and it is a great opportunity to listen to all of the team sharing their ideas and to share my ideas too. It is really exciting to be an Ambassador in Montenegro!”
Marko Nikolic – Culture & Volunteering Ambassador in Montenegro

“We started the program last year and since then we have organized various activities where we had good participation from our colleagues in Kenya. The last volunteering activities we’ve done was going to the Children’s home and tree planting. I look forward to the next activities we are planning, so we continue doing good and knowing that Glovo is a place for impact”
Albanus Muindi – Volunteering Ambassador in Kenya

“This program allows us to get to know each other better and recognize that we are crucial elements of a large machine. It is incredibly inspiring for me to be the leader that spreads an amazing cultural attitude throughout the team. At the same time, it is a tremendous responsibility and the inspiration of the team depends on this effort.”
Kanykei Mamatalieva – Social Impact, Culture & Volunteering Ambassador in Kyrgyzstan