Glovo’s Diversity, Inclusion And Belonging Commitments for 2022

Maria Busmayer February 8, 2022 · 6 min

Glovo´s Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging commitments for 2022.

So what can you expect of us?

Our people

  • Continuing what we’ve started by inviting all managers that haven’t been trained on DIB yet. DIB should never be an add-on or after thought, therefore it’s important to integrate the topic as part of HR interventions. At Glovo, we have a training program “Leading @ Glovo” for all managers and up. As part of this program, there is a dedicated module on DIB.
  • Inviting all our New Hires to participate in the DIB Onboarding training. As part of the training, they learn how to write in an inclusive and gender-neutral way, based on our Global Inclusive Communication guidelines, launched in 2021.
  • Running many activities across the year so we can all continue to learn and grow together. From “lunch&learns” to keynote speaker sessions, to culture days to DIB global days like Pride, Coming out Day, IDAHOT, Trans Day of Remembrance, International Women‘s Week, Disability Week, and Colors of Glovo Week.
  • Running a DIB survey at the end of January to understand the experience of people at Glovo. In a GDPR compliant way, we are able to ask demographic questions which will enable us to spot any potential differences based on people’s demographic characteristics.
  • Strengthening our Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) by providing them with clear support and resources. The ERGs at Glovo are empowered to build their own steering committees, strategy, and project plans, and to operate in an autonomous way. They are the voice of our employees and are a very important vehicle of change at Glovo. The ERGs for example proposed an SOS point at the end of year party in case any employee needed support and they helped shape the Specialized Treatment Policy.

Our systems and processes

  • In 2021, we mapped out the employee life cycle and performed a high-level gap analysis to take a hard look at our current People (HR) processes. Based on this, we’re building a DIB steering committee across different teams in the People Department to make sure each team has a dedicated person who can adjust the changes needed. Two examples are reviewing all our policies to make them inclusive for all, and optimizing the hiring process by installing data tracking to understand where people are dropping off in the pipeline.
  • In 2021, we launched the Specialized Treatment Policy to cover medical treatment of employees not covered by the public or private health insurance, like fertility treatment or gender reassignment surgery. This year we will focus on raising more internal awareness for the policy to make sure those who need it feel fully supported by Glovo.

Our external presence

  • During Pride 2022, we will continue our efforts to make our product (the app) celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. Especially in those places where there is polarization related to LGBTQ+ rights, like Poland and other eastern European countries.
  • We will also organize a ‘‘courier parade’’ where couriers can join our own Glovo Pride Parade by going through the city with rainbow branded decorations.
  • We are building bridges with other companies and their ERGs and Diversity Leads to join forces and drive changes across industries together. When it comes to diversity work, everyone is willing to share their good case practices, because in the end we’re all working towards the same goal: having more fairness in the world.
  • Also, our volunteering program will be connected in certain weeks to different NGOs focused on LGBTQ+ rights. Our colleagues can deliver food (like a courier) and for every delivery per employee, €15 will be donated to the NGO.
Glovo social: Caring about human rights, homeless, gender equality and refugees.