A Learning Journey

Shanice Dahloum July 13, 2022 · 5 min

When I started working at Glovo, I never thought I would have access to such distinct and rewarding opportunities

I started my journey at Glovo in January 2019. I was an event photographer looking for a new challenge that could really make me vibrate. Today, within the same company, the same fantastic team, I found this amazing project that makes me want to get up and learn more every day.

Spanish for a non-native Real Time Operations Agent 

I started my journey as a Real Time Operations Agent (OCC Agent in the past), for the South Western Europe market. What does a Real Time Operations Agent do? Well, the goal is to minimize the impact of incidents on a daily basis, on all platforms that might affect the operation. At the time it was all much more manual, but that allowed me to learn more about how different systems had an impact on Glovo apps.

But besides a new job, I also started to learn a new language: when I started at Glovo, my Spanish was super basic and most of the people there were native Spanish speakers. Although everyone speaks English, I was not able to have any interesting conversations with anyone, but people helped me to practice the language and improve it. This was one of the first learning opportunities I had at Glovo.

Team Leader, a human growth

In October, I had the opportunity to be promoted to Interim Team Leader and a few months later I got the confirmation that I would be filling that position. The tasks were totally different. In this position, I learned a lot on a personal level. It was at the end of 2019, beginning of 2020, pre-COVID, where I learned to listen to people, to reassure, to see a different sensitivity in each person  and to adapt to it. It was a rather strong experience and from which I came out humanely grown and with a heart filled with kindness.


“Where I learned to listen to people, to reassure, to see a different sensitivity in each person”.


The month of March 2020 arrived, along with COVID-19 and the confinement with it. This period was very weird. We were all on edge about what was going to happen the next day. We had to take a very close eye to the metrics (cancellations, delivery time, contact rates, etc.). During this period, I fell in love with the analytical world.

Study hard, you’ll go far

Several months passed and my interest in analytics kept growing and I started to take Big Data Analytics courses, which convinced me to continue in this direction.

In February 2021, I was offered an amazing opportunity: to become a Junior Business Analyst. In this position, my job was to coordinate with Product Teams about our needs for the next features and automations to be built and to track the evolution and metrics of those projects. The idea was to be able to learn more about this profession, while providing a detailed vision of the operations of this team. 

A few months later I was a new Junior Analyst, a little lost between all these different projects but also feeling completely motivated to reach the same level as all the other analysts around me. That was why I started working even harder, while continuing to study, but the different courses that I was taking were still not enough for me. So I decided to start studying Applied Data Science at a local university, to consolidate my knowledge acquired in this position.


“So I decided to start studying Applied Data Science at a local university, to consolidate my knowledge acquired in this position”

A world of opportunities

One year later, April 2022, thanks to my awesome manager, a new opportunity was presented to me: I’ve been promoted to Operations Analyst in the same team. What I am doing now is more related to data analysis, going from measuring our metrics or impact of our projects, building dashboards to give data visibility to the team, coordinating and communicating our needs to our product team. But always ready to learn more and to improve every day!

And yes, this is the story of how an event photographer found her passion in the analytical world, all thanks to being in a company that always looks for the best in its people and gives them room to grow.

I am extremely grateful to Glovo because in the last three years I have had the opportunity to grow every day, always discovering different paths and passions. And I can only hope to continue on this journey of learning!

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