Graduate Program - Coming Soon! - September 2024 (They/She/He)

Marketing & Growth, Barcelona, Spain (Hybrid)

If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for an exciting ride

A ride that will fuel up your ambitions to take on a new challenge and stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone. 

We’ll deliver a non-vanilla culture built on talent, where we work to amplify the impact on millions of people, paving the way forward together. 


Not your usual Graduate program. Just as we are not your usual app, our Graduate Program is not your typical career beginning.


We are the fastest-growing multi-category delivery player in Europe, Africa, and Western Asia, operating in over 3000 cities across 25 countries. 


Our vision extends beyond deliveries; it's about revolutionizing the way people connect with their everyday needs. As a graduate at Glovo, you'll play a pivotal role in this transformation. We empower you with innovative solutions powered by technology, enabling you to contribute to our ecosystem of users and shape the future of on-demand services.


With us, every day is filled with purpose. Our Graduate Program will be your gateway to an exciting, challenging, and impactful journey. Together, we'll create opportunities, drive innovation, and inspire change, as we embark on this ride of your life! 


What makes our ride unique? 

🤝 Our culture and strong values. 

  • We have an ‘’office-first’’ culture and we place collaboration at the center of everything we do! 
  • We have a non-vanilla personality and feedback mindset. We don’t shy away from difficult conversations - we see them as a gift! 
  • We work with high intensity and have fun along the way.  We also celebrate the wins (a lot!). 
  • We celebrate diversity in all its forms and foster an inclusive culture where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work. 

💪Our career development philosophy. 

  • We are building a talent house of high performing teams and leaders. We invest in people who raise the bar and help others reach their full potential. 
  • We take ownership of our career development. We don’t believe in linear and predictable career paths - we create the job of our dreams! 
  • We embrace opportunities to move the needle and make an impact beyond our scope. 

🤝Our commitment to being a force for good. 

  • Our platform is an important economic tool for millions of people (customers, partners, couriers) and we are taking action to amplify our positive impact. 
  • We invest in doing good by dedicating time and resources into social and environmental initiatives. 
  • We have the ambition of being DIB role models across the tech industry. We are creating environments, systems, and processes that provide equal opportunities, break biases, and empower our communities.


We have a vision: To give everyone easy access to anything in their cities. And this is where your ride starts.


You will be working in our 3 core departments: marketing, q-commerce and international and spend 18 months (6 months rotation in each department) building the core skills of becoming the next leader at Glovo. 


You'll be at the forefront of innovation and strategy development. Your responsibilities will encompass:

  • Q-Commerce Insights | Dive into the world of Quick Commerce and leverage data-driven insights to optimize marketing strategies.


  • Operational Excellence |  Analyze operations and micro-fulfillment center (MFC) processes, contributing to the seamless flow of goods.


  • Category Management | Work alongside our experts in category management to shape product offerings and customer experiences.


  • Performance Management | Collaborate with our commercial teams to measure and enhance performance across the board.


  • Account Management | Join our Prime team, specializing in Consumer Discounts, Pricing, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Learn how to develop strategies at the headquarters level and apply them in the field.


This dual-track experience is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of how global strategies are crafted and executed. You'll be part of a dynamic environment, surrounded by professionals and mentors, dedicated to your growth and development. 



  • Your eagerness and gas to start a ride in the industry and embrace the challenges! 
  • Effective Communication (English + ideally 1 more other language) 
  • You have completed your degree in the past 18 months or you're currently on the thrilling Marketing, Business Administration, Economics or / STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) journey. 
  • Strong data analytics skills 
  • Problem-Solving Acumen and proactive approach to innovation. 
  • Willingness to learn and adapt to various roles.
  • Strategic Thinking in holistic and HQ-level strategy development.
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness - appreciation of diverse perspectives.
  • You are available to start in September 2024


In addition to these skills, you'll bring excellent communication, a passion for learning and collaboration, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion in our multicultural setting. Ready to shape the future? Apply now!"


Individuals representing diverse profiles, encompassing various genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds, are less likely to apply for this role if they do not possess solid experience in 100% of these areas. Even if it seems you don't meet our musts don't let it stop you, we are all about finding the best talent out there! Skills can be learned, and embracing diversity is invaluable.

We believe driven talent deserves:

  • 💪 Top-notch learning experience that will fuel your career and enhance your professional and personal growth 
  • 🍔 Monthly Glovo credit to satisfy your cravings with zero delivery fees on all Glovo orders!
  • 🏊 Discounted gym memberships to keep you energized.
  • 🏖️Flexible time off (uncapped vacation days) , the freedom to work from home two days a week, and the opportunity to work from anywhere for up to three weeks a year!
  • 🧠 Online therapy and wellbeing benefits to ensure your mental well-being.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Recruitment Process will be held during APRIL - JUNE 2024. 


Here at Glovo, we thrive on diversity, we believe it enhances our teams, products, and culture. We know that the best ideas come from a mashup of brilliant diverse minds. This is why we are committed to providing equal opportunities to talent from all backgrounds - all genders, racial/diverse backgrounds, abilities, ages, sexual orientations and all other unique characteristics that make you YOU. We will encourage you to bring your authentic self to work, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels heard. 

Feel free to note your pronouns in your application (e.g., she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs, etc).

So, ready to take the wheel and make this the ride of your life? 

Delve into our culture by taking a peek at our Instagram and check out our Linkedin and website!


Graduate Program - Coming Soon! - September 2024 (They/She/He)


Do you need, or will you need in the future, any immigration-related support or sponsorship from Glovo? *
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Identity Survey

It is voluntarily provided by you and anonymous to the Glovo team.

This survey will not affect the selection process. 

Glovo is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All people will be considered for employment regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, race/ethnicity, neurodiversity or disability status, family or parental status, nationality, religion or other personal characteristics and backgrounds that make us as humans unique. 


This demographic voluntary survey helps Glovo understand our pipeline and ensure that all candidates have equal opportunities during the entire hiring process.

This survey also allows us to improve our process and systems ensuring we build a more inclusive company. If you decide to share voluntarily your personal information with us, all the information you provide will be, under all circumstances. Find out more about our Identity Survey and Statement here.


By sharing your data with us in a voluntary way, you agree that we can use your responses for the purposes we've mentioned in our statement. This survey is not focused on making adjustments to the hiring process to make any accommodation needs because of neurodiversity or disability. If you have any accommodation needs, please let us know in the application form.



Glovo’s data privacy statement

In case the recruitment process does not end with the establishment of a labour relationship between the applicant and the Controller, the Controller will retain the applicant’s data for a period of 2 years from the date of the last communication, issued either by You or the Controller, declaring the end of the recruitment process without sending and/or accepting the possible offer. Under the GDPR, you have the right to request access to your personal data, to request that your personal data be rectified, cancelled or erased, and/or to request that processing of your personal data be limited.

You also have the right to data portability. In addition, in case you consider your rights have been violated, you may lodge a complaint with an EU supervisory authority.

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Please upload either: pdf, doc, docx, txt, rtf. Max 2 MB