5 interview tips to land a job at Glovo

Maria Busmayer March 30, 2022 · 5 min

Hiring the right candidates is key at Glovo and we take it very seriously. When we are looking for the right candidate, we take two important matters into consideration: Does this person have the right skills and experiences for the role? And does this person align with Glovo’s values and culture?

The job market is constantly shifting and transforming. As a fast-paced and innovative company, our priorities transition in a frenetic way. Our way to foster talent is betting on development and engagement to create an environment conducive to feedback and  professional growth, with a strong and supportive culture.

The dynamic setting reflects our way of interacting with talent. Thinking of applying or already having a job interview lined up? Check out these 5 tips to rock your interview:


1. Learn about Glovo

Any interviewer will appreciate a candidate who knows the company that they are applying for. Doing previous research will not only show interest, but actually awake your curiosity about the role and the projects it will be impacting. For that, you can take a look at our Linkedin page, browse into our Career Website, and follow our IG account, to stay up to date about our company.


2. Prepare your narrative; we want to hear your story!

During the interview, our main aim is to get to know you better. To prepare, you may want to outline your most relevant experiences that you would like to highlight; go beyond your CV, and explain how each of them added value to your previous job, project, or situation that you are referring to. Be prepared to answer questions related to your past, present and future, anything from analytical to behavioral questions may come up. Besides that, we would love to hear about challenges that you have faced along the way, so keep an eye on past learnings. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers, so be confident! Lastly, we have a ton of questions for you but you probably have just as many for us! Write them down and don’t hesitate to ask them.


3. Use examples from professional and personal experience

In telling us your story and answering our questions, make sure you are able to provide concrete examples of your past experiences. Think of relevant situations in your professional life, and if you don’t have a lot of professional experience yet (or not in the relevant field), think outside the box and use examples from other situations. Not sure where to start? Our advice is to prepare 5 to 10 examples of situations in which you evaluate the role that you played, what you learned from it, which challenges you faced and which achievements you accomplished. When selecting these situations, note that each can fit into different competencies – for example leadership, teamwork, communication, resilience, etc.


4. Show us why you are the right fit for the role

Create a list of your skills, abilities and knowledge, and how they match with your dream job at Glovo. You may want to research potential future managers or colleagues that work in that department to understand their background and career paths as well as the team player that they are looking for. Try to imagine the dynamic of that team and role you are applying for; how would you be able to apply your know-how in our industry and add value to the team?


5. Be yourself

Finally, even if you are feeling nervous or anxious, try to be yourself in the conversation with the interviewer. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, everyone is welcome at Glovo and you will be remembered by your uniqueness. It is in our DNA to create a positive and pleasant work environment, even when we’re under pressure to deliver.


We strongly believe that at Glovo, you’ll have the job of your life while working together towards our shared vision to give everyone easy access to anything in their city. We welcome top performers that will bring new ideas and diverse perspectives to the table, and provide you with the challenges and freedom to grow and make a real impact on millions of lives… all while having fun! 


Curious about what Life at Glovo is like? Take a sneak peek on our Facebook or Instagram and watch this quick video shot on what it is like to work  at Glovo.  Can you spot anyone familiar?